Selling your home: the role of your real estate agent

When selling a home, you will need to make plans such as where you will live next to and how you will sell your current home. Hiring a real estate agent should also be top of the list making the process easier for you. So what is exactly should you expect from a real estate agent when selling your home?

An agent should give you a comparative market analysis with a record of prior properties like yours that are sold before. Other factors will determine the price listing for your home including its condition and location. Although your house is unique and you would want to make a different listing, it is advisable to use the price range that is available in the market and the conditions of your home. Under pricing or overpricing will affect your sale.

Sell your home. A real estate agent apart from those just starting will have a well-established clientele who are looking to buy. It could be face to face clients or from the internet either websites, Facebook or Instagram. Using an agent means that they will introduce them to your home as well. They will also vet these buyers and determine their willingness to buy your home. The vast clientele is also likely to bring about multiple offers for you to decide which one works best for you.

Facilitate potential buyer’s showing. If a potential buyer would like to visit your home to get a real picture, your real estate agent is expected to arrange for such visits. If you are still living in your house while the sales are still going on, the agent is supposed to contact you to make the necessary arrangements. In case you are selling when you have already vacated your house, the agent may decide to lock your home with codes that are given to potential buyers so that they can let themselves in to view the house privately. Alternatively, to minimise a lot of showings especially if you are still living in the house, real estate agents should reduce shows to avoid lots of disruptions by incorporating technology such as virtual tours and videography. It saves time and is effective.

Handle the negotiations. Your real estate agent should give you information regarding all the offers as they come. They should include you in choosing the right buyer. They are also expected to conduct all the negotiations with the buyer’s agents as well as make all the documents required for signing the contract

Deliver on the estimated sales time. The stipulated time for selling a house depends on your real estate market. The urban market presents the hot market meaning a house is expected to sell within the first three months of listing. The rural market is slower which means that your home is likely to sell at a slower rate. Depending on the location of your home, an agent is supposed to identify your type of market. They should draw a favourable estimate on the amount of time expected for you to find the ideal buyer. It will enable you to know what to expect.